Darcrus is both the name of the total project as well as the first token of the project. Initially, 10% of net profits of Sigwo Technologies were used to buy back and burn Darcrus from the market, but due to regulatory changes the buyback and burn program was suspended indefinitely.
Now, the Darcrus token has acquired a new use case: developers that want to build a decentralized application on top of the private Jupiter blockchain, without the help of and subscription to Sigwo Technologies, only can get Jupiter tokens by exchanging DAR to JUP via our payment swap server. More details about this will be revealed with the beta release of Gravity later this spring.

Darcrus started as an asset on the Nxt blockchain but has been swapped to the Waves blockchain in September 2017. A choice, widely supported by current Darcrus holders.

There are several reasons for the swap. Waves is more user friendly than Nxt. Mercury and Darcrus availability in the same wallet will unify our project and extend our reach. Furthermore, in this case a DAR-MER trading pair will exist. Sasha Ivanov is a no-holds-barred CEO with great plans to bring Waves to the mainstream. He is very supporting of projects on Waves which turns into validation and confirmation to his contacts. Waves is a premiere ecosystem with a robust API and economic platform and it is adding functionality all the time.

Darcrus (DAR) can be traded at Waves DEX within the Waves Lite Client.


The Darcrus ICO was held December 21st – December 28th 2016 and raised the funds to pay for development services provided by Sigwo Technologies.
Of the 50,000,000 total Darcrus tokens, 42,000,000 were available for ICO, by the following scheme:

Early bird: 2500 satoshi each, 10,000,000 available (40,000 DAR per BTC)
Phase 1: 4000 satoshi each, 13,125,000 available (25,000 DAR per BTC)
Phase 2: 5000 satoshi each, 10,500,000 available (20,000 DAR per BTC)
Phase 3: 6000 satoshi each, 8,375,000 available (16,666.67 DAR per BTC)

In total 11,415,629 tokens were sold (all 10,000,000 of early bird and 1,414,629 of phase 1) and a total of 306.6 BTC was raised. With a bitcoin price of 970 dollar at December 28th 2016, this equals to $297,426.

Average ICO price in BTC: ((250*2500)+(56.6*4000))/306.6 = 2777 sat
Average ICO price in $: 0.00002777 * 970 = 0.027 dollar

As only 11,415,629 of 42,000,000 tokens were sold, the total available supply was proportionally diminished to 14,055,048 by burning.

We have burned
At this moment there are
DARCRUS in circulation

Darcrus burn log

Date Amount of Darcrus Burn description Tx
31-12-2016 30,584,372.00097119 Non-sold ICO coins (30.5M of 42M) Link
06-01-2017 5,000,000.00000000 Pro ratio burning part 1 Link
06-01-2017 360,579.99902881 Pro ratio burning part 2 Link
10-01-2017 374,060.50000000 SIGFARM liquidation Link
12-01-2017 52,332.39597315 Last SIGFARM profits Link
07-05-2017 4,893.01285935 10% net profit of first customer Link
20-09-2017 23,373.925621 10% net profit Link