Jupiter is a customizable decentralized network. It is based on the Nxt blockchain and developed by Jelurida.

The reason Darcrus chose for this private blockchain approach is the enormous fee costs businesses would have to deal with in case an existing public blockchain would have been used. That would not be economically feasible.

Jupiter tokens which are needed by the software to store data, are not publicly tradable. They are provided by Sigwo Technologies to businesses after purchasing any offering built on Jupiter and developers that want to create applications themselves can obtain them at a fixed dollar price by exchanging Darcrus tokens via our payment server.

Furthermore, a decentralized encrypted messaging system, also fueled by Jupiter tokens, is available within the Jupiter client itself. This is very suitable for replacing centralized internal communication applications.


Gravity is a blockchain powered full-stack development framework for quick development of fully customizable decentralized applications whose information will be stored in the private Jupiter blockchain. This allows a low-cost, effective way of encryption and backup of sensitive information. Information will be automatically replicated and can easily be recovered in case of a catastrophe.

Develop fully scalable
blockchain applications
in minutes.

Fully customizable
Built-in Bootstrap 4
templates for easy

Cryptographic security
combined with two-
factor authentication.

You can go for a full BaaS subscription and let Sigwo Technologies build the application for you or you can make your own application. For the latter option you’ll need to buy Jupiter tokens using Darcrus tokens at https://exchange.darcr.us.

The Gravity code can be found at our GitHub. The repository contains an extended wiki section with all documentation and tutorials.
As a start you can have a look at our Gravity demo application and watch our full length instruction video.