Mercury is a Waves-powered provenance token. It enables collaborative cross-chain communication and timestamping from the Jupiter blockchain to Waves and Waves to Jupiter. The reason why was chosen for a token on the Waves blockchain, is that the Waves blockchain allows transaction fees to be paid in assets itself.

The first use case of Mercury is automatically timestamping every Jupiter block hash to the Waves blockchain. By copying block hashes of the private blockchain to the public one, there is a undeniable public proof that nobody tampered with the data of the private blockchain.

As more and more Waves nodes are accepting Mercury, we now have a fully functional token in the Waves ecosystem and this opens the door for all kind of new possibilities.

First of that list will be Metis, a public, decentralized, encrypted message service, that will start taking shape this winter. Now that Waves is allowing aliases, we are able to link Waves and Jupiter together to offer this feature.

Mercury (MER) can be traded at Tidex, and at Waves DEX within the Waves Lite Client.

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