Sigwo Technologies wallet

Where Mercury directly started as a token on the Waves blockchain, Darcrus has recently been swapped from the Nxt to the Waves blockchain.
We forked the official Waves wallet to create the Sigwo Technologies branded wallet to explore and implement Mercury as the transaction fee instead of Waves. The testing of Mercury as fees is in development with the upgraded backend and will be implemented after the next Waves release.

You can find the web wallet at

If you rather want to use the official Waves wallet, you can choose for the Chrome plugin or the online Lite Client. Basic mobile clients are available for both Android and iOS.

Here you can download a manual about the Sigwo Technologies branded Waves wallet, how to trade at Waves DEX and how to deposit and withdraw your Mercury tokens to/from Bittrex.

Darcrus Waves asset ID is: K5JcgN8UdwNdh5sbdAuPMm5XEd5aFvoXaC3iHsHVz1d
Mercury Waves asset ID is: HzfaJp8YQWLvQG4FkUxq2Q7iYWMYQ2k8UF89vVJAjWPj

If you still have Darcrus tokens on Bittrex, please withdraw them as soon as possible!